Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Very first quilt

Or, "should I call this a quilt"?

A few months ago I got some fabric scraps I bought online. Nice colours, they seem to be good quality fabrics. And I also had been reading some quilt blogs and was in need of a simpler hobby (simpler than sewing clothes). So I thought, why not try to quilt?

I new I had to have some tools, like a self healing cutting mat, a rotary cutter, a walking foot. But I didn't want to spend a significant amount on money on them without knowing it this quilting thing would have any future (these stuff are not cheap!).

So I got a piece of card board (15x15cm), a piece of white cotton (I wanted a modern quilt!) and my fabric scraps and started to cut squares and sew the blocks. I got this:

A 1,20x1,20m (around 47'x47") simple top with squares. I liked the result, got a batting, a flower flannel for the back and started the quilting adventure. Which did not ended well, as expected. No walking foot resulted in uneven stitches and a very, very simple quilt pattern: only a few parallel lines. 


You can see how the stitches are very different in length in this last photo. I also had some trouble sewing the biding, but it turned out okay for a first experience with no quilting tools used :P

At the end I didn't know what to do with it. I would not give it as a gift as I know it's not the best quilt I can make and I also didn't want to throw it away. Donate? Maybe. But the dog said she could use it, so she got it:


Here she is showing you the fabric used for the backing.
Yes, these white squares won't stay clean for a very long time, no they won't...

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