Thursday, March 15, 2012

First online fabric order

Yesterday I got some fabrics I ordered on line. It was from a fabric store called Center Fabril and I got some home sewing fabric, to make some cushion covers. They were at a good price so I decided to test this store. It arrived pretty fast and well packaged. Too bad they don't sell fashion fabric at the site, they have mostly quilt cotton.

As I have a dog at home and she loves to play with the cushions, not to say she's always sleeping on them, I have to constantly wash the covers and they get old really fast. So I'll use these 100% cotton fabric to make new ones! I've done a few some months ago, but did not post about it. Making cushion covers is very easy and I don't even use zippers for it, I just make an envelope, like a pillow cover. It's very practical! 

Here are my two favorite prints: very flamboyant tropical flowers and black/white/gray with splashs of red...

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