Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another pair of shorts

Using the same pattern made here I made new shorts, with a small red and white plaid cotton fabric. One of the differences from the last one was that I did not made flat felt seams, instead I finished the seams with a small zig zag stitch. And I cut only two pieces instead of four, i.e. I cut the front and back pieces together joined by what would be the side seam.

It was very fast to sew. I have to get more fabric later, because this is a piece I wear a lot. Here are some pictures:

Simple shorts, pattern made following the Perfect-Fit Sleep Shorts, from the One Yard Wonder book.  

Elastic wait band. Sew two stitch lines so the elastic won't roll.

Pocket on the back. It serves also to identify the back of the piece, as I don't use labels...

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