Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sewing is not easy!

When I decided to get a sewing machine and learn how to sew by myself I didn't think it would be so difficult. The truth is that the only finished pieces I made and use are: my machine cover, a tote bag and 2 shorts. All the other attempts to make something failed.

I tried to draft a shirt pattern but it did not end well. The armholes where too small, the front and back of the shirt where too big. I think I did not take the correct body measurements. I also tried to begin this dress, but working with chiffon is like liking in hell. After so many disappointments I decided to leave the difficult fabrics and the patterns adjustments aside, and make something easy, with an easy-to-deal cotton fabric. 
I had fabric cotton already, but not a cheap one. Decided to use it anyway. I have to find inexpensive stuff so I can go and try things with less guilty, in case the project doesn't work.
So right now I'm making the Liz blouse. In the comments at Burdastyle site people say it's an easy project. I think I already made some bad choice, cutting the size 38. As the fabric I'm using have some stretch, I thought one size down would give a good fit, but now I guess it will be too tight. Let's see.

The pieces are cut and I sew together only the back parts.

To finish the princess seams I flat felted the seam allowances. The double stitch line is inside and outside you almost don't see the single stitch line:



I'm planning to finish this soon :)

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