Friday, May 20, 2011

Plans for the future

I wish I have more time for sewing as I'm full of ideas for my next projects!

I better make a list so I don't get lost!
  • Make a button shirt pattern following the "Design-it yourself - Clothes" book. This seems a good way to know how patterns work. Also the blouse seem to be very simple to sew as there are no pieces to interface, no lining, no yoke, no darts. But this button-down shirt has a collar and sleeves cuffs. What do I need: fabric (probably an easy-to-handle cotton), buttons and thread.
  • Use the patterns for the blouse and pants that came with the "Sew-U" book. I would need fabric for both. It would be a good opportunity to work with patterns that came on that thin paper. 
  • Make the Ellen #9305 pants from I already have the pattern printed, the fabric, interfacing, buttons and zipper. But I'm afraid to make my first pants with an expensive linen... Maybe I should get a cheap fabric to test? Let's see.
  • Sew the DrapĂ© dress from to use at an evening party in September. This will be a real challenge. The plans are to make the dress first with a test fabric and then, if everything goes fine, get a nice fancy chiffon to make the dress special for the night. I have the pattern printed. And I've seen around that chiffon is a difficult fabric to handle. Let's see how it goes.
  • Sew the JJ blouse from burdastyle. It's an adorable blouse, exactly like the ones I use to work. I have the pattern (not printed) and would need to get fabric too.
Long story short: I need to get pieces of fabric right now! Better make a small list before.
  1. Cotton for 2 blouses + buttons
  2. A fabric that drapes nicely but it's not expensive for the test dress + lining + invisible zipper
  3. Cotton for one pair of pants + zipper
Other plans are:
  • Sew one man's shirt (long or short sleeves?). What pattern?
  • Resize one old big pair of jeans (I'm just waiting for the topstitch threads I order to arrive)
So I'll add to my list:

     4.  Cotton for a man's shirt + buttons

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