Sunday, May 15, 2011

New shorts

I have a new finished project, the Perfect-Fit Sleep Shorts, from the One Yard Wonder book:

The initial idea was to make then with this purple polka dot fabric, but soon I realized it wasn't enough. So I used a plain and also purple quilt cotton, and this was the result (still missing to finish the waistband):

I had done this project before, but not with all the care I had this time. I decided to make flat felt seams on side, front, back and between legs seams. And I also used a white thread to have a contrast, and have a better feeling on how good I was making the topstitching.

I did not followed the steps on the book, because I wanted to flat felt seam everything. So I sewed the front parts together, then the back parts. I then sewed the front and back by the side seams and to finish, I made the bottom seam. I also added a side pocket and a large elastic band. To avoid the elastic to twist around, I topstitched three lines in the waist band.

And now my fail moments. I think simple projects like that may help us improve our sewing skills without much concern if we will ruin the whole thing or not.

1) I did not realized the fabric was not good quality when I was cutting the patterns, and some bad parts ended up in the shorts :(

2) I cut the fabric while cutting one of the seam allowances to make the flat felted seam LOL

3) I should have folded the front and back flat felted seams to the same side so they would match in the bottom, what didn't happen! I will always remember that detail now, especially if I make pants!

And you can also see the bobbin run out of threat when I was finishing the hem LOL
This was fun and easy to make and I got much confidence now. I can wear these shorts at home all year long (it's always summer here), I'm happy I could sew something for myself. Now I have many other projects in mind, let's see how I can organize my time to make them all :)


  1. The pocket looks fab. Especially the double row of stitching and the seams at the waistband.

  2. Thanks! And thank you also for visiting :)