Friday, April 15, 2011

Upgrading my machine

In a moment of consumerism and with the thought that I had spent nothing on my machine in mind (just to make things worst), I ordered these sewing machine feet:

As they did not ship to Brasil, I had the order shipped to a hotel where a relative was on vacation. So they came to me into her luggage :) Now I have a nice collection of sewing machine feet. I haven't tested them all, but I already know the Janome Hemmer feet is not proper for my Janome 2008, which made me kind of angry :(

I'll make future posts telling a bit about all the feet I have now - that my machine has now, I've got only 2 as usual :P

The box where all the Distinctive feet came is now holding my feet collection.

Here we are!

And here are the feet I plan to talk about later (some of them I already had):

Adjustable zipper foot

Tape binding foot
Welting foot Hemming feet
Zipper foot Ruffler
Roller and Non-stick feet Concealed Zipper Foot
Gathering Foot
Button hole foot


  1. Wow that is a lot of feet!

    I do hope that the rest of them fit into your Janome...

    The next foot i plan on buying is the ruffler foot for my Bernina!
    Looking forward to reading your reviews

  2. I'll try to post about the feet soon :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. I love seeing all those feet! I have a few I have never used also! That button hole foot works like a dream, it is amazing how well some of them work! Have fun trying them out!