Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The book is on the table...

They all are! Finally the books I ordered at arrived! I haven't used the new ones in any project yet, but I had fun reading them.

I have to say although the internet is full of free tutorials and instructions, I love to have books near me.

My plans are first to finish the dress 1 I began a while ago. Then maybe I'll try a patterns that comes in the Sew U book. The easiest seems to be the skirt, but I don't wear skirts, so I'm thinking of skipping this step and try a shirt instead.

Lately I haven't spent much time with my sewing machine. The only thing I did was to adjust some new clothes I bought (I still have to adjust other ones). Even if I'm still buying my clothes at a store, it was so fun to think "this one I can take, I only need to shorten here and there". I felt free, in a way. It was good not to depend on any one to adjust my clothes or give up a piece because it was not perfectly fitting.

Oh, and there is another new: I got a lot of feet for my machine, hehehehe. I'll show them later.

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