Monday, February 7, 2011

So far, so bad

I decided that my fist project with the fabrics I got (see post below) would be the blouse. I have a black blouse that I really like, but it's old and very used. I thouhgt it would be a good idea to make a similar one, as there were no zips, no complicated things to do. Here is my old blouse:

The collar is very simple, just a large rectangle folded in half. My idea was to use this method to make the pattern. I found it surfing in this Flickr group. Ok, so I draw the pattern, cut the pieces and started stitching them together. Putting the front, back and yoke pieces together was not a problem, but soon I had my first disaster: the collar was 7 cm wider then  than necessary - at least it was not smaller. Ok, I can live with that. But you can see at the picture below that the collar opening is bigger in the original blouse:

Another thing that was not properly made: the gathering in the front and back are not evenly spread, not centered and they should:

Another big disaster: the sleeves where much smaller than the arm hole. Oh, with so many things not working - I'll have to remove the collar to fix the gathering and cut new sleeves - I set this project aside. One thing that made ma really happy was that the topstitchings went out really fine :)

Lesson learned, especially for novices like me: make it really simple and be patient! My biggest mistake was to think I could do something without written instructions. I really think I can finish this, but all the stitch-and-then-unstitch process demotivates anyone!

My next project (the dress) will be done with much more care from the begging to the end. Each and every step will be taken carefully and slowly. Even if I have little time for this new hobby, it's important to me that I can actually use the final product.

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