Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My sewing machine

My sewing machine is a Janome 2008. Why did I choose it? Well, after a lot of research on the web, reading blogs on how to choose you machine, I decided I wanted a simple, not expensive one, just in case I would abandon it.

So, among the not expensive ones the Janome 2008 was the most interesting because they say it can sew several layers of heavy fabric, and it's true! Decision made, I was lucky enough that this machine was available to be traded for points I earn for using the credit card. Sooo, I payed nothing for it! My sewing machine was for free!

It arrived last December. I already made some small projects with it, including a machine cover, a shopping bag and a pair of shorts, all from One Yard Wonders book. They were all practicing projects, so they are not perfect at all. The good news is that I actually use all of them, despite they have not good finishing :P

Right now I'm thinking about my next challenge: I'll try to make a simple blouse using one I already have, from where I'll make the pattern. Am I too audacious? Let's see...

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