Friday, January 28, 2011

My sewing books (soon to become My sewing library!)

Definition: library noun
a collection or set of books, records or other things, all produced in the same style or about the same subject (from Cabridge Dictionary Online)

Right now I have 3 sewing books. I got them some months ago, way before I even had my sewing machine. That was me planing the day I would start sewing :) But I really read these books and got important information before actually beginning to sew. Here are the books:

New Complete Guide to Sewing (Readers' Digest): I know the previous edition for this book was much complete, but it is out of print and the Brazilian edition may "cost your eyes" (this is a Portuguese expression- custar os olhos da cara - to say something is very expensive. Yes, giving your eyes to pay for something is a serious thing to do!). I imported it from Amazon when the version in Portuguese for this new edition was still not available. Though I have to search for the meaning of many terms used in the text, it's very helpful, with lots of graphics and explanations. I think everyone knows this book.

One Yard Wonders: the book I used the most so far. All the sewing projects I made till today were from this book. The instructions are very clear. But you should consult the official site to check the errata first.

French General: this a nice book, with projects for home. I haven't used it yet, but maybe I'll pick up some projects to our place soon.

Ok, now the good part! I ordered other 5 books! They will arrive in February, I'm looking forward to them. Even if I live in Brazil, I often order my books from Amazon. Believe me or not, it's cheaper than buying them at book stores here. And buying on line has become so easy, even from overseas. So, adding these 5 books to my 3 previous ones, I think I may say I have a sewing library! hehehe

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