Monday, January 24, 2011

Folklore Bag

This is one of my very first projects since I got my Janome 2008. The Folklore bag from One Yard Wonders book. I choose to use 3 different fabrics, one for the bag body, the black one for the straps and a polka dot one for the lining. I will change the straps later because I used a very heavy fusible interface and the straps are too stiff.

Here is the bag. The body is also stiff because of the interface. I used it in the body and lining (and I regret). It was my choice to use this interface because the fabrics I used were quilt cotton. But next time I will either pick up a lighter interface or use it only in the body, not in the lining.

 Here is a detail of the fabric. I loved this design when I saw it in the fabric store.
Here is the inside of the bag. I also made two pockets, one of them with a zipper. It is a real mess inside, but no one is seeing it, right?

The stitches are not perfect in this bag, but I'll guess my accuracy will get better with time. Maybe later I can take close up pictures to show this little mess.

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