Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok, these past days I've been thinking about the first pieces of clothes I would do. I made some research at and found some, as they say, novice free patterns. I decided I'll make a top (not from Burda), a dress and a pair of pants (oh my, will it work?!). So after work today I stopped by the fabric store and got these:
 The figurine here is from Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brasil. Please don't  mind the dust on my lampshade.

It was funny because I still don't know the name of the fabrics and I had to say to the lady there: "Look, I want some fabric to make these pieces, but I don't know the names, so you gotta help me here!". And she did help. I ended up choosing a blue linen for the pants plus a little piece of I-don't-know-the-name-fabric for the lining, a blue crepe for the blouse and a polka dot navy blue crepe for the dress (only now I realize I got everything blue!).

One of the reasons I decided this I-want-to-sew thing was that I was quite unhappy to pay a lot for pieces of clothes that did not fit me well and worse, that they were the wash-me-twice-and-throw-me-away type of cloth. I don't know if I will ever succeed in making my own wardrobe, but I'll try. Today I decided I'll control how much I'm spending making my own clothes, only to compare with the store bought ones. Here it goes, for the record:

(edited on Jan 29)
Blouse 1:
fabric - R$ 19,20 (1,5m)
thread - R$ 1,00

Dress 1:
fabric - R$41,60 (2m)
thread - R$ 1,00
zip - R$ 1,10
custom pattern - R$ 3,50 (I discovered the free pattern I got did not have all the sizes, so I decided to buy the custom one)

Pants 1:
fabric - R$ 47,90 (1,6m)
lining - R$ 1,99 (0,5m)
thread - R$ 1,00
zip - R$ 1,00
buttons - R$ 3,20

Of course I still have to add the other materials I need, like zips, threads and others. I'll do that as soon as I buy them. And by the way, today U$ 1,00 = R$1,70.


  1. Yay! Your sewing journey has begun! I am sure you will enjoy it eventually! I was confused that I even couldn't cut fabric so well, or sew straight, but it will be solved after practicing;)
    Have a happy sewing, lady!!

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment here :) I'm right at this stage, doing everything wrong, but always improving!